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An old tokusatsu series produced in 1974 by P Productions is getting a major update with a new movie coming this year!!!
Denjin Zaborgar is about a secret police officer, Yutaka Daimon, who inherits a super powerful transforming robot called Zaborgar after an evil organization called Sigma murdered his father. Now Yukata w/ the aid of Zabaogar begins there battle against Sigma to avenge his father and protect innocent lives!

I've only seen screenshots of the original but the teaser trailer for the new movie makes me want to watch the old series!! EPIC ROBOT ACTION BIKE ACTION AND EXPLOSIONS!!! (hope there are subs).  I recently watched the original OP and I can tell that this movie is going bring nostalgia for the people who've seen the series. For more info check it here…

While were in the topic of Zabogar, echii anime sora no otoshimono  did a parody of Zabogar in epsiode 5 of the 2nd season. You can check it out here…
WARNING: This video contains PANTY SHOTS AND BOOBS <.<

NEW THEME CHALLENGE for Febuary: "Lovey Dovey Love"
UPDATE Please don't submit anything pornographic keep it PG 13 OK?
It's a Valentines Theme :D! I hope more ppl will participate on this one
EDIT: Don't forget to title as "Lovely Dovey Love" so that will know it's an entry to the theme challenge
Due Date March 13, 2011

Oh I totally forgot to post this :iconkaijuden: is doing an ArtJam to celebrate Mothra's 50 the anniversary check it here…

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